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  • The cab of CAMC-Burden the weight of life

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    If someone said that I am willing to do the patron saint of your life, it must be your favorite people. CAMC heavy card dare to say “We are the patron saint of every CAMC car driver!” This sentence represents responsibility and courage, and recently CAMC car created the miracle for saving lives once again.

    Traffic accidents are common, seeing a soul-stirring scene of the accident, we can not help but sigh how fragile life is. When the other heavy card manufacturers publicize how good their cars are, how cheap the price is, CAMC heavy card tells everyone – that safety is first.


    Seeing above, the scene of the accident shocked me, the car is beyond recognition, how is the driver? Many people would think about this problem, but actually the driver had escaped injury! The driver said, he is just drew a trace in the waist!

    The author knows the crashed car is CAMC 8 x 4 dump truck, this car belongs to Shanghai construction co. LTD. It is understood that the company focusing on the conditions of transportation engineering, owning 30 CAMC heavy cards, bought in 2014 in Shanghai LJC (CAMC dealers) procurement.
    On May 12, this vehicle carried full goods in Shanghai port avenue, speed at about 75 km/h, because of driver’s error, the car rushed out of the way! When the car stationary, driver climbed out of the cockpit, surprised found that he was ok! When CAMC Shanghai office staff received notice and arrived at the scene, the driver tightly hold his hand to expressed thanks, and said: “I only drive CAMC car from now on!”.The building company’s director also arrived the scene and he said: “not only will I only choose CAMC, I also want to introduce my friend and business partner select CAMC, I witnessed the CAMC car quality on protecting life”.
    In China, about thirty million truck drivers, they drive on the highway day and night, they carry the responsibility of the family and happiness, for the family, their safety is the most caring problems. Due to the nature of work, truck drivers in addition to keep high vigilance at any time, they also need a high risk resistance coefficient of truck. CAMC heavy card, since the market oriented, no driver deaths caused by traffic accident.

    It is known that CAMC cab uses full steel quality, ShangHai BaoShan steel, and WuHan Steel, which are both famous steel plate, plate thick and reliable. The cab uses the four-point suspension technology which can protect the passenger safety effectively. In addition, CAMC car bridge is composed of Japanese imported of welding robot automatic production line production, the clamping workpiece by robots and welding operations, to ensure the accuracy and quality of the cab. On the cab flip system, flip all controlled by two methods of manual electric, flip, bridge after locking mechanism controlled by hydraulic pressure, and can only flip when he worked in gap and hand brake, guarantee the reliability of the whole flip system. From the beginning of design, CAMC car puts safety in the first, which is built around a high security to all research and development. And again and again accident proves, choosing CAMC is to choose safe!


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