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  • CAMC in the 119th spring Canton fair

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    On April 15, 19, 2016 the 119th spring Canton fair phase I ended smoothly. Affected by unfavorable factors such as the global trade contraction, this session of Canton fair exhibitors heavy card companies significantly less than usual, but CAMC still be present, appealed many buyers from domestic and overseas.

    China import and export commodities fair or Canton fair, is currently China’s oldest, largest scale and highest level, most merchants, the credibility of the best comprehensive international trade event. Merchants from all over the world gathered in GuangZhou to do business, enhance friendship.

    This fair has very strict requirements for exhibitors. The enterprise must have certain export performance. This fair also added comprehensive index like the product quality and safety, environmental protection, science and technology innovation, intellectual property rights protection, social responsibility, credit system as evaluation standard. CAMC heavy truck has take part in this fair for ten consecutive years, and relying on the internationalization of the big platform, CAMC constantly improveS enterprise’s popularity and competitiveness, attracted many domestic and foreign merchants to come to visit, purchasing our trucks.


    CAMC heavy truck actively implements the brand strategy, optimize the product structure, the transformation of the mode of trade growth, enhance the transformation and upgrading, the construction of autonomous consciousness of brand and the protection of intellectual property rights, increase investment in research and development, improve product quality and brand awareness, focus on promoting the high-tech, high added value, the new energy vehicle exports, focus on creating China ‘s first-class heavy truck brand effect.

    As the pride of the Chinese independent brand, CAMC has been in the construction of a large number of domestic sales network, to provide truck users across the country quick and convenient purchase channels. Meanwhile, CAMC also attached the importance to overseas market.


    During the exhibition, CAMC booth got the favour of a number of customers, more than one thousand people visit daily traffic, more than 400 people have further discuss, they are from the America, Europe, Oceania, Middle East, east Asia, southeast Asia, west Asia, central Asia and South Asia and other regions. Merchants who details about valin heavy card products performance, some of them even have personally experience in our cars, and show strong cooperation intention.

    One Malay merchants said, after seeing so many other brands, he still think the CAMC is the best, and finally made up his mind to pay the deposit for further cooperation.

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