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  • CAMC high-end heavy truck building the capability of independent innovation and upgrading

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    In 2008 Shanghai BMW Exhibition, CAMC unexpectedly introduced the second generation of heavy truck “H08” series. Even if CAMC is a new and medium-sized heavy truck maker,but it launches the international advanced level heavy truck product in a short time, it has its attractions.

    So what is the tips of CAMC ? How does CAMC’s capability of independent innovation rapidly increase in a short time?

    To introduce Mitsubishi technology for independent innovation and lay a solid technical foundation

    Since then, the domestic heavy-duty automotive technology platform is basically Steyr technology platform, in order to develop a high level of heavy truck, the domestic technology level can not solve the problem. Thus, CAMC turned abroad. In 2003, CAMC and Mitsubishi FUSO Corporation signed a ten-year technical cooperation agreement. Cooperation with Mitsubishi, the Mitsubishi technology introduction, digestion and absorption, so that CAMC had a solid basis for independent innovation ability.

    Three-dimensional culture, and promoting the rapidly growing technical team

    Cooperation with Mitsubishi to allow CAMC benefit, not only master the advanced automotive manufacturing technology, but also allow CAMC’s technical team to get Mitsubishi’s technical training and attain the self-innovation and self-developed ability. However, Mitsubishi’s technology is not the world’s most advanced heavy truck technology, merely based on the Mitsubishi is still far from enough, it is necessary to further enhance the capability of independent innovation of enterprises, it is necessary to allow technical personnel to go out to open up horizons. In 2006, with the opportunity to show in Hanover, Germany, CAMC let dozens of technical backbone to go out to visit HANOVER Auto Show, visit the first-class car manufacturers to broaden their horizon , so that with a farsighted, qualities and abilities, they had accumulated rich experience for the subsequent high-end heavy truck R&D project.

    Through the joint development project to develop the capability of independent innovation of enterprises

    Including the joint development of an internationally renowned research and development institutions and projects for technical cooperation with domestic universities and R & D institutions. In this regard, the most prominent point is that the “H08” high-end heavy truck realize the success of the project, known as the perfect combination of the Production-Learning-Development chain. CAMC can now be said to have tasted the sweetness of cooperation with colleges and universities, recently with the Hunan University also set up a commercial vehicle research and development center.


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