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  • CAMC H08 Model Truck was awarded “2010 Annual Heavy-duty truck “title

    You are here: Home » News » Technical Articles » CAMC H08 Model Truck was awarded “2010 Annual Heavy-duty truck “title

    December 7, sponsored by the China Automotive Daily and hosted by China Automotive Engineering Research Institute,”2010 Truck of the Year in China” selection event announced that CAMC second-generation heavy-duty truck product “H08 Model Truck” won the “2010 Annual Heavy-duty truck “title. Mr.Liu Hanru, the chairman of CAMC accepted the award and delivered an important speech.

    “CAMC H08 Model Truck” as this year’s finalist models, after experiencing 4 class and 18 test, including the “maximum speed”, “minimum steady speed”, “fuel consumption with the equal speed on full load”,ultimately the all the judges agreed: The all entries index of CAMC H08 Model Truck,made in Anhui Hualing Automobile Co.,Ltd,were outstanding in the test project, especially in direct minimum steady speed, the started time on the 45% ramp and the fuel consumption with the speed of 65km/h.

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