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  • Eight notes for truck engine maintenance

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    Engine are complex machine whitch needs to be maintenance carefully to keep best word condition.Engine used in heavy truck always burden high pressure of  wear,good maintenance is necessaryBelow are some notes for engine maintenance, also apply to the truck engines.

    1, Not regular maintenance
    Regular engine maintenance is very important, a lot of professional maintenance workers said, 50% of the engine malfunction caused by poor maintenance. Obviously engine maintenance can play a crucial role in prolonging the service life of the vehicle. Not only in the regular maintenance period for engine maintenance, but also in driving through some special damp or dust big region when the engine need to do some inspection and maintenance.
    2, Oil metamorphism and oil filter jam
    Different grades of lubricating oil in the process of using will change. After a certain range, the vehicle performance will deteriorate, which may bring problems to the engine. When oil passes though tiny pores in oil filter, the oil of solid particles and the viscous material deposited in the filter. If filter plugged, oil can not pass the filter smoothly, which will burst filter or open the valve, then pass through the bypass valve, and still put the dirt back to the lubrication part, spur engine wear and tear, internal increased pollution. So the oil filter replaced periodically is equally important. Do not add less oil, also not too much. More expensive international famous brand of the oil doesn’t mean the better, the suitable is the best.
    3, Air filter clogging
    The engine air intake system mainly consists of two parts, air filter and the intake pipe. According to the different usage, air filter need regularly clean, air filter should be replaced after three times cleaning. The cleaning cycle can be decided by daily driven regional air quality. It is also very important to buy good quality air filter in original manufacturer provider
    4, Inlet pipeline dirty
    if vehicles often drive in the dust and air quality poor road area, we should pay attention to clean air inlet pipe to guarantee the inlet flow. The inlet pip is very important for engine’s normal work, if the inlet pipe is too dirty, it will cause a decline in efficiency, so that the engine can not operate in the normal range of output power, accelerate fuel engine wear and aging. Drive less at much dust area as far as possible, at the same time, air conditioning also must to change regularly.
    5, Too much oil sludge in the crankcase
    In the process of engine operation, the high pressure of unburned gas, acid, moisture, sulfur and nitrogen oxide in the combustion chamber through the clearance between piston ring and cylinder wall into the crankcase, mixing with parts wear of the metal powder, formed sludge. A small amount of sludge can be suspended in the oil, the equivalent precipitation from oil and blocking filter and oil hole, causing the engine lubrication difficulties, exacerbating the engine wear and tear. Choosing high quality fuel oil and synthetic diesel engine lubricating oil for reducing sludge produced are particularly important, we recommended that all car owners buy car synthetic diesel engine lubricating oil and fuel oil through formal channels as much as possible. In addition, please check your car’s engine oil level, complement as soon as possible when the oil lack.
    6, Incorrect maintain on fuel system
    Fuel system maintenance including replacement fuel filter according to the requirements of maintenance, remove the fuel filter sediment, properly maintain tank and piping.
    7, Water tank rust, scale
    To avoid engine water tank rust, scale production, you must pay attention to the selection of cooling fluid. Some owners do not attach importance to the use of coolant and quality, usually join just ordinary water tank. The cooling system is the most common type of rust, scale, corrosion, etc. The main reason is that there is no use good cooling fluid. Good cooling fluid not only have low condensation point, but also has various functions to add other ingredients, can inhibit foam, rust, electrolysis and the scale prevention and so on, so remind all car owners choose cooling fluid carefully.
    8, Bad cooling system
    Engine is one of the most common fault, such as the sierra cylinder, cylinder cavitation, work rough result in serious noise, power down, etc., all caused by engine operating temperature anomalies, too big pressure, bad cooling system. Which will directly lead to bad cooling system, engine can’t work under normal temperature, followed by above fault phenomenon. Therefore it needs to use strong efficient cleaner water tank and rust and corrosion in the cooling system, add the appropriate cooling fluid. So as to guarantee the normal work of the engine, and extend the life of the tank and the engine overall.

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