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  • CAMC passed the E-mark authentification rechecking smoothly

    You are here: Home » News » Technical Articles » CAMC passed the E-mark authentification rechecking smoothly

    In 21th of May,2011, several officers from EU communication dept. conduct to recheck the E-Mark authentification qualification acheived by CAMC in the prior period.Ms.Liu Cui and Mr.Hao Lifeng, the persons-in-charge of CAMC E-mark Authentification Project Group,accompany the officers to make a particular investigation on Production line and Quality Inspecting line of CAMC

    In the process of rechecking the experts from EU make an enquiry on relevant questions, and the CAMC persons-in-charge give a good response.Mr.Xia Hong,the Director of Quality from CAMC and the officers from EU have a formal discussion subsequently.The experts and officers from EU pay high tribute to the CAMC products that is the only one company not asked to rectify in the past COP checking process.

    It is known that E-mark Authentification is the safety authentification on whole vehicle and the spare parts and systems involved with the safety factor complied with the  EU laws and  EEC regulars strictly, and often seen as the VISA to enter into the European market for suppliers.

    The E-mark authentification rechecking passed smoothly signifies that CAMC gets the inspection-free Green Card for exporting truck to EU market.


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