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    You are here: Home » News » News & Events » CAMC H08 SELLING WELL IN MALAYSIA
    With the export market growing larger, H08 model, as the representative of High-end heavy duty truck is exported more and deeply welcome by customers all over the world. Recently, opening ceremony of H08 coming into Malaysia was grandly held. Ms Liu Cui, person in charge of southeast Asia, from CAMC overseas department, Malaysian agency and hundreds of local customers attended this ceremony.
    As we know, in the last few months of 2013, CAMC have been working on promotion of H08 in Malaysia. Order of more than 100 H08 was made. On this ceremony, H08 caught great attention of local media and truck users. CAMC means reliable quality, high attendance rate and considerable service. CAMC has been corporate champion of Chinese truck sales in Malaysia for 4 years since CAMC went into Malaysia market at the end of 2009. Customers’ trust of CAMC leads to the success of H08 opening. In the past 2013, exportation of CAMC has made a new record. 2580 CAMC trucks have been exported in the whole year, including more than 600 trucks exported to Malaysia.


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